All works are shipped subject to existing commitments to show the works.  This means that if a work has been accepted for a show prior to your order, it will be shown before it is shipped.  Showing the work is generally believed to increase its value, but will not increase your cost, so it is a benefit to you.  If you have purchased a work to which this term applies, it will not be offered for sale at the show.  You will be immediately notified if a work you order is committed to a show.  Call 978.395.1350 if you wish to inquire prior to a purchase whether this term applies to any work in which you may have an interest.

Works on paper are shipped in cardboard shipping tubes, and recommended matting and framing instructions are included.  Large works on canvas or board are shipped in custom professionally-made wooden crates.  Because of the time necessary to make the crating, such purchases will be shipped on the Monday following any order placed between Monday and 5:00 EST Friday.  For such orders placed after 5:00 p.m. EST Friday through Sunday, purchases will be shipped on the second following Monday.  Works that do not fit under the above categories will be packed as appropriate for the piece.

Shipping within the continental U.S.
Shipping costs for smaller works that do not require professional crating will be paid for by the artist, including insurance.  Many of the works are too large for standard shipping and must be shipped via highway freight.  The artist will share half of the cost for shipping and handling larger works, including crating.  It is not feasible to determine the exact charges at the time of order because the shipping charge is dependant on both the size of the work and the shipping distance.  For this reason, a $200 shipping and handling deposit is added to your order total for each subject work.  This will usually result in a partial refund which will be sent with your order, but in some instances you may be charged later for half of any shipping and handling costs in excess of $200.

Shipping outside the continental U.S.
Shipping outside the continental U.S. must be arranged separately by calling 978.395.1350.  The artist will share half of the costs up to $200.