Lorin Hesse is a nationally award-winning artist based in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  Her work focuses primarily on the underlying currents of sexuality and ideals for beauty in American culture. Though her current body of work is 2-D, she is a post-modernist with strong conceptual predilections.  Ms. Hesse’s work includes installation, painting, and drawing. 

Her social critique is seen with an unflinching eye focused on the taboo elements implicit in the way today’s collective American consciousness considers women and children as sexual objects.  Her work often calls particular attention to the pornographic and seedy undertones hidden in purportedly family-friendly entertainment and advertising.  She has been testing the bounds of this theme since the 1980’s.

The recent Naked Truth show at Atlantic Works Gallery in East Boston, Massachusetts was a unique and prolific body of work, in part generated by a 6 month long collaboration/conversation entitled, girl on girl with artist b. royalty of Tempe, Arizona.  Naked Truth represents Ms. Hesse’s side of the visual conversation between the two artists, as well as new additions from post girl on girl.  The original collaboration was shown simultaneously in the Dot Wiekamp Gallery in the South Bend Regional Museum of Art and at the Spurious Fugitive Gallery in South Bend Indiana during February and March of 2007.

Ms. Hesse is a member of the Atlantic Works Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts, is represented by The Spurious Fugitive in South Bend, Indiana, and is a member of the Berkeley Art Center in Berkeley, California.  Her work has shown throughout the United States, including venues in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.  Her graduate work was performed at the small College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, and she graduated magna cum laude from the State University College of New York with a degree in Art History.  She has taught Art History and worked in Arts Management, but is currently a full time artist living north of Boston, Massachusetts.

Her work is in private collections across the U.S and Europe.  She has been featured on television, internet, and in print media in major metropolitan newspapers.