girl on girl
a two-person collaborative project

This project, jointly conceived by Lorin Hesse and the Tempe, Arizona artist b royalty, was shown February 2 - 25, 2007 simultaneously at The Spurious Fugitive Gallery and the South Bend Regional Museum of Art, both in South Bend, Indiana.  The more than sixty works in the project reflected a commonality of visual language and aesthetics that speaks to issues of gender representation and stereotypes while pushing beyond the comfort level of our culture’s collective moral ideals. 

girl on girl was first and foremost a visual dialogue. Two artists who never met prior to the show knew one another exclusively through their images and through correspondence.  The culmination of this acquaintance was the dialogue of images at the two-person show. Both artists deal with themes of innocence and innocence lost, childhood, and foolishness realized.

More than thirty of the works by Lorin Hesse that were included in the show can be viewed in the Recent gallery.  This work focuses on discovering the secrets of sexuality and exploring American sexual taboos that live under its moral crust. b royalty’s work focuses on reflections of innocence, the childlike joyfulness of making pictures, and female naiveté in a Man’s World. Both strive for a unique understanding through visual language. This show was their dialogue, their response to one another. Both rely heavily on nostalgia (vintage ephemera) as word, pulling from childhood imagery to create narratives that are at once familiar and oddly out of context. Like circus music, their work often has a slightly disquieting ring. Paper dolls, coloring books, magazine clippings, and a distinctly feminine painterliness define both of their aesthetic sensibilities.